The Earth Defenders

The 2015 Lavazza Calendar by Steve McCurry

The 2015 Lavazza Calendar by Steve McCurry produced with Slow Food is a photographic journey that recounts the everyday heroic stories of the Earth Defenders: men and women who with courage, pride and dedication are defending their projects in Africa. Lavazza and Slow Food are thus supporting food traditions and siding with all Earth Defenders, who are a beacon of hope for local communities, ambassadors of a feasible development and a better future. In his 12 shots McCurry succeeded in immortalising the soul, strength and humanity of the Earth Defenders. For the first time the 2015 Lavazza Calendar will be on sale as a limited edition to support the project “10,000 Gardens in Africa”.s


2014 - Martin Schoeller

An incredible alchemy of photographs and stories with an almost cinematic quality, a seamless natural sequence that speaks of inspiration. And coffee. The famous portrait photographer Schoeller turns the spotlight on to the chefs who make inspiration their mantra in the kitchen.